Submission Rules

1. Eligibility for submission

At least one of the contributors must be a member of the Japanese Society for Zooarchaeology. However, this does not apply to contributors of manuscripts requested by the Editorial Board.

2. Types of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be written in Japanese or English and directly or indirectly related to zooarchaeology. Manuscripts should be original articles, research notes, reviews, research reports, material reports, atlases, and others.

Original articleA paper that summarizes new material and findings that have not yet been published and has a clear conclusion.
Research noteA research note is equivalent to a thesis and should be an interim report of research or a preliminary report.
Review articleA comprehensive review of the history, results, and prospects of research on a specific subject.
Research reportA report on the results of research in archaeology, ethnography, ethnology, biology, etc.
Material reportIntroduction of important materials
AtlasIntroduction of original drawings and other materials useful for research
Miscellaneous book reviews, reports and introductions of related societies, trends in international affairs, etc.
MiscellaneousBook reviews, reports and introductions of related societies, trends in international affairs, etc.

3. Pages of Manuscripts

In principle, manuscripts should be no more than 25 pages for review articles, 20 pages for original articles and atlases, 10 pages for research notes, and 6 pages for research reports, material reports, and others. The layout of the text should be 25 characters x 39 lines in two columns.

4. Receipt and Acceptance

For Original Articles, Research Notes, and Review Papers, the date of receipt is the date when the manuscript is received by the Editorial Board, and the date of acceptance is the date when the review is completed and the manuscript is approved for publication.

5. Peer review

Original articles, research notes, and review articles will be accepted or rejected by the Editorial Board after peer review, while other categories will be accepted or rejected by the Editorial Board without peer review. At that time, the Editorial Board may ask the contributors to revise their manuscripts.

6. Copyright

The rights of the original copyright holders (including neighboring rights and portrait rights of figures and other objects) necessary for quotations from other works in the manuscript should be confirmed by the authors before submission. Among the copyrights of manuscripts published in the Journal, the copyrights of copyrighted works shall be transferred to the Society by the authors. Authors, including the author of the manuscript, must obtain the Society’s permission before reprinting the manuscript in other journals. The moral rights of authors shall be retained by the authors.

7. Writing Instructions

The style and method of submission of manuscripts should be in accordance with the author guidelines separately stipulated.

8. Cost Burden

If reprints are desired, the total number of copies shall be 100, and no further reprints will be permitted. The cost of 10,000 yen (including postage) shall be borne by the author(s). Authors must bear the cost of color printing if they wish to have their manuscript printed in color.

9. Return of Manuscripts

Manuscripts will not be returned, but original copies of figures, tables, and photographs will be returned upon request (shipping costs will be borne by the author).

10. Revision of Regulations

Revisions to these regulations shall be made by the Editorial Board and shall take effect upon approval by the Executive Board.

Supplementary Provisions

This rule will be applied from Zooarchaeology Vol. 40.

Submissions and inquiries should be addressed to

Editorial Board of the Japanese Society for Zooarchaeology: Masaki Eda, Hokkaido University Museum, Kita 10 Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0810, Japan
 E-mail: edamsk(at) *Please change (at) to @.

Zooarchaeology Editorial Board

Masaki Eda (Editor in Chief), Rintaro Ono, Hiroki Kikuchi, Junmei Sawada, Ken Takahashi, Toru Tateishi, Hiroomi Tsumura, Masashi Maruyama